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Meet our business members

We introduce our business members below. Please take a moment to get to know them and the reasons they joined IHASA.

Asa Wasserberg

Asa Wasserberg of the
Australian Wheatbag Store
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Chris Martin

Chris Martin
Founder and Director
Hemp Clothing Australia
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Teresa and Simon

Teresa and Simon
Hemp Hemp Hooray
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Graeme and Lia Parsons

Lia and Graeme Parsons
Miller’s Corner
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True Hemp Culture
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The Australian Wheatbag Store

We reckon we make the finest, organic, contemporary styled wheatbags in Australia! Proudly made in Adelaide, our products are designed and hand screen printed by us, are made from eco-friendly hemp and contain certified organically grown South Australian wheat. Nothing artificial added, just perfectly natural and in harmony with nature.
We utilise a supported employment sewing workshop located in Mount Barker, SA, where disadvantaged South Australians get a chance to meaningful work. At The Australian Wheatbag Store we actively work to
reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. We also strive to lead in making the environment, energy-saving, sustainability as well as social justice, equality and responsible manufacturing in Australia as important as profits in dollars.

We are passionate about using the hemp fibre as much as possible in our wheatbags and other products and proudly promote the benefits of hemp (strength, resilience, durability, anti bacterial and beauty) to our customers. We know from 13 years retail experience that our great quality design and a contemporary, fresh take on the classic wheatbag are greatly appreciated all around Australia.

We chose to join IHASA as we saw it was necessary to work together with other interested parties to achieve a common goal - to promote  growing and utilising hemp in Australia. Hemp is the obvious choice for our products as the fibre is so much stronger and durable than cotton. By using hemp we also hope to promote and shine the light on the underutilized fibre that it absolutely deserves.

Instagram: @TherapeutrixAU
Twitter: @therapeutrix

Hemp Clothing Australia is a modern clothing company trading in Australia and internationally, focusing primarily on hemp clothing and accessories. In addition to our online store, our company operates in retail, wholesale, B2B and school uniform sectors, providing a wide range of goods and services to meet the high demand for sustainable and ecologically positive products. The company was founded in 2016 and has grown from strength to strength with each year of operations. Hemp Clothing Australia is a fast moving, adaptive company that is constantly pushing the envelope for new and attractive hemp products while simultaneously working and dedicating time and resources to help the Australian hemp industry gain a foothold on the global stage. Hemp Clothing Australia welcomes all newcomers to the hemp industry and embraces all opportunities to trade, connect and expand the hemp industry.

Reasons I became a member of IHASA:
1. To help empower South Australian farmers and business with a more unified and organised front to represent hemp industry interests
2. To advance green industry initiatives in South Australia (and beyond)
3. To work with like minded people who see and understand the great list of social and economic benefits of a booming hemp industry
4. To teach, inspire and empower younger and older generations, with the aim of attracting them to the hemp industry
5. To help ensure the hemp industry becomes a significant and legitimate sector of Australia's economic and environmental future

Chris Martin
Founder and Director
Hemp Clothing Australia

Contact us:
Beulah Park, South Australia 5067

Hemp Hemp Hooray, a vision realised

I have been an ardent and life-long Hemp advocate establishing my South Australian business in 2006. Based in the Adelaide Hills city of Mount Barker, Hemp Hemp Hooray embodies everything about entrepreneurship and bold ambition.

With the support of my husband and business partner Simon, I have helped to pioneer the Australian Hemp industry in SA.

Initially frustrated by artificial and chemical-based skincare brands available to consumers, I decided to take matters into my own hands and in 2004 I brought together my passion for aromatherapy and the potential of industrial hemp products. hence I created a natural skin and body care range using Australian grown Hemp Seed Oil as the base for all my products.

Since making my first, and most popular product, Skin Soothe, I have transformed my hemp skincare range into a brand with passion and purpose. This range has grown quickly and gained a loyal following, with customers placing orders Australia-wide and overseas.

I have advocated and campaigned for reform around the way industrial Hemp is treated by Governments and society more generally. I am proud to have played a key role alongside like-minded supporters in promoting the introduction and the passage of a bill through the South Australian parliament and on November 12 2017, the commencement of the Industrial Hemp act 2017.

My mission is to empower people to harness the hemp life and lead a healthy living.

Miller's Corner is a sustainability - focused housing development in the Adelaide Hills.  Our despair at seeing the types of development happening in the Adelaide Hills led us to seek alternative ways of building. After seeing a Grand Designs program on hemp building we decided to investigate using hemp in our project.

After finding it was wasn't legal to grow hemp in South Australia we joined the newly formed Industrial Hemp Association and began lobbying the government for a change of legislation.  Unfortunately even with the new legislation it was not possible to purchase South Australian grown hemp. This led us to purchasing hemp from France which proved to be the most cost-effective method of getting hemp in South Australia.

Building at Miller's Corner is progressing with currently eight buildings at various stages of development including five which have used hemp as a building product.  It is expected most buildings will be completed by the end of 2021. Our website gives more detail on our project

More than just a Hemp shop, True Hemp Culture is an Eco store with a passion for sustainable, fair and ethical trade and manufacture. Our mission is to bring you the very best Hemp and Eco products from Australia and across the world. We strive to provide fast and reliable service, competitive prices, and a wide range of Hemp products including clothing, Hemp seed, Protein, Hemp seed oil, Hemp soaps, Hemp foods and skin care.

Hemp has long been a passion for store owner Luci Keats since trying Hemp seed oil on her baby son to treat his severe eczema. That was 27 years ago and we have never looked back.

True Hemp Culture is located in Port Adelaide and Luci Keats has been working closely with the IHASA since 2016.